Stephen P Corcoran

Stephen P Corcoran


Steve serves as the Chief of Cyber Strategy for the Telos Corporation. In this capacity, Steve is responsible for the research and development of operational frameworks and capabilities that address significant cyber challenges for the US Government and commercial industry. Steve has been an integral part of the design and development process for a number of innovative products and is a joint patent holder on several of those capabilities.

Prior to the Telos Corporation Steve served 28 years in the United States Marine Corps retiring in 2012 as a Colonel. He commanded at every level, held several positions of National significance with conventional and special operations units and has been decorated for heroism and distinguished service on multiple occasions.

High Performance Leadership……………….Maximizing the IT Work Force

To achieve maximum effectiveness and efficiency, IT organizations need to be agile. In a highly technical environment with a strict governance structure, it is difficult for managers and leaders to attain agility and maximize the resident talent within their organizations. Steve Corcoran a retired Marine Colonel with 28 years of experience in critical organizations and currently the serving Chief of Cyber Strategy for a top 25 cyber company brings a fresh perspective on how to achieve maximum effectiveness and efficiency. Steve’s military and civilian experience in innovative organizations with critical support functions provides for an interesting and insightful way for organizations to structure their leadership practices to become a high performing organization. In his presentation he brilliantly presents:

What is a high performing IT organization?

Why is agility so important for IT?

What is a high performing IT leader?

How can organizations adopt high performing IT leader skills?

What are some of the barriers to implementation?

What are the results of high performing IT leadership?

At the end of his presentation, audiences are always left with a lot to consider and useful practices and techniques to adopt immediately that will have an immediate effect on morale and productivity.

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High Performance Leadership……………….Maximizing the IT Work Force

17 Feb 2018
15:00 - 16:00
2nd Floor Courtroom