Mike Spaulding, Mitch Spaulding

Mike Spaulding, Mitch Spaulding


Mike Spaulding – Well-seasoned professional with more than 20 years of experience in Cyber Security and 15 years as a Senior Security decision maker.

Mitch Spaulding – I am a high school Senior and have been interning for the last three Summers with different companies in an Information Security Analyst role, working with different technologies.

Redefining Security in a Cloud-Centric Future

Ambiguity and uncertainty are synonymous when cloud security is discussed. As organizations transition to the cloud, security must be prepared to handle the new and evolving threats impacting cloud resources. Additional business changes affecting the cloud transition; legal, privacy, mobility, etc must also be considered when developing your overall security strategy. This talk will do a quick breakdown on defining the cloud as it stands today, along with security’s role in the cloud, and how security will evolve in a world that is “cloud-centric” and where the cloud strategy will lead us within the next ten years. The talk will also provide a plan of action for building a cloud security strategy and key considerations when preparing your roadmap in a secure cloud-centric future.

Talk Will Be Recorded