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Julien leads the Firefox Operations Security team at Mozilla, tasked with defining, implementing and operating the security of Firefox’s backend services and release engineering infrastructure. Julien’s background is in web applications security, services architecture, cryptography and risk management. Julien is the author of “Securing DevOps”, published at Manning Editions. More at https://jve.linuxwall.info/jve.html

Modern web application security

It is 2018 and your websites are still getting targeted on a daily basis. Your WAF rules are so complex no one wants to touch them, and every time you’re done reviewing the next javascript framework, a new one has popped up on Hackers News, and shipped in production. Your bug bounty program alerts you of a new XSS every other week, and there’s no end in sight. Meanwhile, your boss keeps asking if you’re on the latest version of Apache Struts, terrified to become the next Equifax. Suffice to say, web application security is hard, and often feels like a losing battle.

But you’re not alone in fighting that battle. An entire community of security engineers is continuously modernizing web browsers, certificate tooling, dependency tracking and security testing tools that you can leverage to make your life easier, and your web applications safer.

In this talk, we will cover seven modern web application security techniques that you can use today to better protect your websites. They are:

1. XSS & Content Security Policy
2. Isolating origins when accepting user generated content
3. Leveraging cookie security
4. Authenticating users securely
5. Controling the supply chain
6. Applying strong HTTPS
7. Testing security in Continuous Integration

We will discuss how each area can be integrated into your environments, and share the knowledge acquired at Mozilla while doing this work on Firefox’s backend services.

This is a tactical presentation, and the audience will be given hands-on tools and techniques they can apply in their own environments straight away.

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Modern web application security

17 Feb 2018
13:00 - 14:00
Room 135