Joe Partlow, Jonathan Echavarria

Joe Partlow, Jonathan Echavarria


Joe Partlow has been in the IT and information Security industry for 20+ years and has experience in Operations Management, Information Security, Network Security, Systems Design, Risk Assessment, Database Administration, Network Infrastructure, Web Application Development, Systems Design & Integration and Project Management. Currently oversees all research and development at ReliaQuest relating to Incident Response, Engineering, Red Team Operations and Content Development.

Jonathan Echavarria has been interested in various forms of security for as long as he can remember. Currently, he works as a Red Team Operator doing various types of attack scenarios and CyberSecurity analysis while performing independent security research in his spare time. He enjoys long walks on the beach (not really) and consumes copious amounts of caffeine.

Interactive Incident Response

Join us as we walk through a real-world threat scenario as we play out both the offense and defense roles. If you are currently doing one or the other, this is the perfect opportunity to see how the other side thinks, counters and how they react after each escalation point. Audience participation is encouraged!

Talk Will Not Be Recorded