Jeff Hicks

Jeff Hicks



Jeff Hicks has worked in hospitals for 20 years amongst bits and the people that use them. He has found the bits can be perfect and if the people using them feel disconnected from the desired outcome, the project will fail.

Using Your Super Powers Beyond the Bits – People are essential to your effectiveness & career advancement – You have an awesome set of tools

You have Super Powers you use to:
* assess complex situations
* meet challenges from many perspectives at once
* develop a plan to reach the goal
* implement the plan
* adjust to the changing situation and repeat

We use these Super Powers in technical situations almost without thinking. When facing challenges with people, we forget these Super Powers and “wing it.” The results are often less than super.

Using your Super Powers with people will allow you to be more effective AND allow you to advance beyond your peers who think it is only about the bits.

Key Takeaways:
* You have Super Powers
* You can use these Super Powers to connect with and influence people
* The goal may be shared, but the point of view can be very different. The Super Hero who teleports their awareness into other points of view makes deeper connections with people, is more effective, and advances their career.

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