Damien Adams and Mark Myers

Damien Adams and Mark Myers


Damien has worked in IT Security for more than 10 years. Working with managed security service providers both as a client and provider, Damien has seen first hand what works best and what does not work at all. In his various positions he has worked to grow those services into partnerships that are mutually beneficial.

Mark has 10+ years in the IT security industry. Working in partnership with multiple MSSPs to engineer successful MSSP relationships and solutions from both the clients and the vendors prospective. He has been recruited by companies to implement, correct and grow their MSSP programs while fostering a sustainable working relationship and translating requirement to and from client and vendor.

Managing Your MSSP

We will discuss the reasons to partner with an MSSP, including the issues with finding qualified staff, both at your organization and at your service provider. We will provide some anonymous examples of things you do not want when dealing with an MSSP. How to approach your partnership in phases. Things you need to provide to be successful and things that you will need from the service provider, to ensure success. And finally, we will talk about “MSSP Nirvana” or what we refer to as attaining and maintaining that golden partnership.

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