Col John Burger

Col John Burger


COL John Burger recently joined ReliaQuest in 2017 as the Vice President of Threat Management. He is directly responsible for Threat Detection Research and Cyber Assurance Testing and Cyber Intelligence. He brings 27 years of military leadership experience in building agile, successful teams as a cyber security leader and strategist. Prior to joining ReliaQuest, he was the former CISO and Chief of Cyber Warfare at the United States Central Command. As the CISO, he directed the efforts of four (4) advanced HUNT teams, integrated with the National Security agency, to protect and defend a global network of over 1+ million devices across 3 continents. As the Chief of Cyber Warfare, he directed the cyber-attacks in Afghanistan, Iraq, and the planning for cyber operations against Iran

Cyber Assurance – Testing for Success

How do you know your investments in security controls are effective? Many traditional Red Team exercises and Penetration Tests provide a valuable service by exposing your weaknesses; however, they suffer a number of shortfalls. First, they are often point in time exercises that do not provide comprehensive controls testing. Second, Red and Blue team objectives are seldom aligned to “get better together” and therefore, little if any collaboration, learning, or improvement takes place. The speaker will discuss the current status of enterprise security programs and different testing approaches and new technologies to facilitate meaningful security posture improvements. After all, isn’t the overall objective of testing to not only test, but improve the effectiveness of your security investments?

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Opening Keynote – Cyber Assurance – Testing for Success

17 Feb 2018
09:00 - 10:00
Main Courtroom