Cameron Boozarjomehri

Cameron Boozarjomehri


Graduated Carnegie Mellon with a Master’s in Privacy Engineering (MSIT-PE program) and am IAPP/CIPT certified.

Exploiting Data and Rethinking Privacy

This talk focuses on how new technologies and applications can have far reaching implications regarding the control we have over the data created by/about us. The primary found will be a discussion around the application of accelerometer data for medical purposes and how those implications effect all users of devices with accelerometer capabilities. To frame the discussion, I will present findings produced using simple machine learning methods, building on prior research in academia. I will move on to explore the idea of “privacy by design” and how the goals of privacy align with security. Finally I will invite a discussion on how these implications can be applied to other contexts, and how professionals view privacy based on personal beliefs vs organizational needs.