Brandon Workentin

Brandon Workentin


After about five years teaching middle school and high school, Brandon Workentin switched careers and got a degree in cybersecurity and networking. His first job after that, though, was at a non-profit focused on cybersecurity for the electric sector, where he began the journey of learning about what ICS is and how electrical engineers think about securing things.

What the Hell is ICS Security?

The presentation will focus on how people – new to security, or already involved in IT security, can begin learning about Industrial Control System (ICS) security. I will talk about free and easy ways to learn about ICS protocols, how ICS security is similar to traditional IT security, and (more importantly) how it is different. The talk will focus on practical things that the audience can do if they are interested in learning more about the topic, including resources for free training as well as free and low-cost ways to self-study.

Talk Will Be Recorded