Free Electronic Recycling by Stream Recycling


Free Electronic Recycling by Stream Recycling

Located in the Main Building – 1st Floor

Our partners at Stream Recycling are happy to offer FREE electronic recycling for BSides Attendees. Please see the below list of what will be accepted.

1.) Laptops
2.) Cell Phones
3.) Tablets
4.) Desktops
5.) LCD Computer Monitors
6.) Any Handheld Devices (PDAs, Digital Cameras, GPS’, MP3s, iPODs, Nooks, etc.)
7.) Misc. Cables/Wires
8.) Hard Drives (HD’s will be placed in a secure bin and DESTROYED back at Stream’s facility)

The following will NOT be accepted:

  1. TVs of ANY kind
  2. CRTs
  3. Mercury containing devices
  4. Light bulbs
  5. Smoke detectors
  6. Paint
  7. Chemicals
  8. Car batteries